Value-Add Assembly

Adding value at every stage

Our reputation as a market-leading provider of highly reliable cable assembly solutions is built on our commitment to adding value for our clients. We’re more than just a manufacturer. We’re innovators, always looking for a more streamlined, more intelligent way forward.


Innovative Value-Add Assembly Facility

The way we adopt and use the very best technology in our Value-Add Assembly Facility gives you faster and more reliable solutions. We have the proven in-house capacity to expertly perform:

  • Injection overmolding
  • Reactive injection molding
  • Terminating and polishing fibre-optic termini
  • Ultra sonic splicing
  • Specialised crimping
  • Thermoset and UV potting

Constantly Refining

Intex never stops in our quest for constant improvement. Everything, from our lean manufacturing principles to the way we manage parts, materials and engineering processes, is about optimising value and enhancing reliability in the field.

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