Design Engineering

We go beyond just a drawing.
We give you a physical, real-world working example.

Instead of stopping at an idea or a concept, our design engineering process goes much further to demonstrate exactly how the product will work for your application. In exceptionally short timeframes, we can place a working first-of-type in your hands.


Fit-for-purpose and field-proven

There’s no guesswork in what we do. Our in-depth understanding of your specific operational and environmental requirements, combined with our next-generation technology and our close partnerships with the world’s leading suppliers, gives you certainty that your product will work.


Adding value through design

Our design engineering process is about constant improvement. At every stage, we rationalise parts and materials, refining the process flow and design to reduce complexity and potential points of failure. This design approach delivers a more robust, reliable outcome that’s specifically designed for your purpose.


Rapid product solutions

Intex is deliberately nimble and deliberately flexible. This lean approach enables us to develop concepts rapidly, working with specified products in CAD through to full manufacturing drawings ready for manufacture.

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