Connectors & Backshells

A range that’s limited only by your project needs

Intex can source an unparalleled range of off-the-shelf Connectors through our successful partnerships with Glenair and all other major global manufacturers. We go further to understand your project constraints, and then work with our global partners to design and develop a project-specific solution that gives you the perfect outcome – with no compromise.

From small manwear and ultraminiature connectors to large power connectors used in the rail industry, Intex delivers the ultimate in performance and innovation.

Mil-Aero Circular Connectors

  • MIL-DTL-38999 hermetic
  • EMI/RFI Filter
  • Environmental Class & Space Grade

Rectangular Connectors

  • Nanominiature and Micro
  • M24308 D-Sub
  • Micro-Crimp

Ultraminiature Circular Connectors

  • Mighty Mouse
  • Fibre Connectors
  • High-performance MIL circular

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