Real-world experience in your market

Intex has exceptional working knowledge of the Oil & Gas, Rail, Vehicle Systems and Defence markets. Our high-level understanding of the unique requirements of each industry we service is constantly evolving. We never stop innovating in response to new industry-specific needs.

This constant drive for improvement underpins our technology and processes. It equips us with a superior ability to address exact usability and environmental requirements.



From tactical ethernet cables and military Trailex systems, to the revolutionary wearable cable assemblies and shipboard conduit assemblies, Intex’s innovations meet the extreme challenges of defence environments head-on.

We have an in-depth understanding of the defence industry that has been honed over 15 years. Our customised defence solutions meet exact Mil-Spec standards and every Intex product is issued with a Certificate of Conformance (CoC). We understand that failure isn’t an option, and that’s why we’ve become known as the global leaders delivering solutions that withstand the harshest rigours of land, sea and air defence.



Intex’s rugged cable assemblies are specifically designed for the demands of rail infrastructure applications. Our highly reliable and specialised products withstand the shock and vibrations common in rolling stock.

We’re the experts at designing and manufacturing highly reliable hardware that’s fully compliant with rail-industry standard EN50155. Our innovations are proven to protect against dust, shock and vibration for rolling stock, signaling and braking systems. Used by leading global rail organisations, our range of solutions delivers certain performance on-board and trackside, as well as traffic monitoring, control and communication applications.


Vehicle Systems

Intex’s modular Trailex systems are proven in military applications as well as heavy commercial and mining. These highly robust solutions reduce installation time and ensure through-life reliability.

We have extensive experience developing project-specific solutions for major organisations in the defence and rail markets. This proven ability means we have the know-how to incorporate highly reliable systems into any vehicle. Intex excels at rapidly producing innovations that offer protection against your specific environmental demands, such as water, dust, vibration, heat or corrosion.


Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas market has uniquely hazardous and extreme conditions. We’ve partnered with some of the world’s leading petroleum and exploration companies to develop industry-leading innovations.

We have designed, engineered and delivered rugged, reliable cable assembly solutions that are proven to protect equipment from the hazards of explosions, water, corrosion and pressure. From Oil & Gas extraction and refining, to offshore rigs, natural gas plants and hydrocarbon transportation, Intex’s track record in this industry is unequalled.

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