RIM Molding

Incredibly flexible, durable and cost-effective

Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) is a process using exothermic materials. Manufactured using our unique rapid tooling technology, we can produce complex backshells, EMC-compliant housings and enclosures that are ergonomic, durable and lightweight. By replacing the traditional CNC machining of aluminium housings and enclosures, we offer enhanced design flexibility and cost savings.


Unique benefits

  • Excellent protection against shock and vibration
  • Hardness of material depending on application
  • DEET resistant and EMC compliant
  • Highly durable and won’t fade

Wide range of project-specific applications

  • Agents can be added to the polymers to increase strength, reduce weight or introduce conductive properties
  • Innovative manwear applications

Polyurethane in any colour

  • At no extra cost, Intex can incorporate logos, orientation instructions, and identification markings or numbers
  • This makes on-site and in-field assembly even easier and faster for your team

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