Extreme flexibility and cost savings

Intex’s overmolding technology is revolutionising what’s possible in the production of cable assemblies. Overmolding replaces cumbersome, expensive back shells and restrictive metal boxes with an ultra flexible, lightweight and incredibly simple solution. Adaptable to any form and configuration, our unique industry-leading approach to overmolding gives you ultimate control and cost-efficiencies. Overmolding performs reliably in harsh and demanding environments and is suitable for any application.


Superb protection in the field

  • Rugged, tough and highly durable
  • Superior protection against shock and vibration, and dust and water ingress (IP68)
  • Protects cable splices and terminations from dust and water
  • Thermoplastic properties offer excellent resistance to all types of fuels, including aviation fuels

Excellent for fibre optic termini

  • Overmolding holds fibre optic contacts rigid and in exact alignment
  • Secure protection against shock and vibration

Labelling and Logos

  • At no extra cost, Intex can incorporate logos, orientation instructions, and identification markings or numbers
  • This makes on-site and in-field assembly even easier and faster for your team
  • Text and logos can be backfilled for visible contrast in any colour

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