About Intex

We think differently to deliver smarter solutions

Since 2005, we’ve been changing what’s possible in our industry. Intex began as a supplier of cable harness components and connectors, but we’ve evolved to become a market leader in the design, engineering and manufacture of complex cable assemblies. It’s our passion for innovation, pushing the boundaries and constant rationalisation that enables us to produce smarter, quicker outcomes.

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The Intex approach

We’re inspired by the way technology can remove existing barriers and restrictions. Our solutions are produced using more cost-effective processes, so that real-world products can be ready for live field-testing in record timeframes. Our approach also allows for a rapid response in refining and perfecting these custom assemblies in response to real-time evaluation feedback.

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It starts and ends with collaboration

The real value we provide for our clients is our collaborative approach to designing and developing cable assembly solutions. We achieve more efficient, reliable and robust outcomes by working closely with your engineering and procurement teams. Intex remains completely focused on creating value. Because we gain such a deep understanding of your specific needs and objectives, we ensure that every solution is driven by the required project outcome.

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